Help save the planet by recycling and composting! This game was created for the Indiecade Climate Jam for Earth Day 2020. 

The world's landfills are filling up, what can we as individuals do to help? Be smart and proactive about recycling and composting, and know what your local recycling plant accepts. 

This game was designed to promote awareness and engage the general public with actionable steps to help curb our global waste problem. It is also based on the true story I experience every week watching the recycle bins of my apartment complex from my balcony - at the start of each week everyone tries real hard, crushing things and making sure everything fits, but by the end of the week there's just too much and everyone gives up as the bins overflow with un-crushed boxes. Will we ever find a better solution? I hope so.

This game is made for mobile and the best experience is to download it to an Android phone. It can also be played in a web browser. 

Install instructions

Download the .apk file directly to your phone and tap to install.


litterbug.apk 16 MB
Download 18 MB


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