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Hello, saw your post on Reddit so here's some feedback:

- it be best if you can't enter the arena unless more than 1 player joins

- would suggest pick-ups represent more of what item is supposed to be (seeds to look like seeds, ammo to look like ammo, etc.)

- would be nice to have some sort of gauge to tell how much thrust/fuel character has left and an idea of how long it takes to recharge. 

- be great if there are lives you can collect (starting at 3 lives perhaps). I see there's health pick-ups but I can't tell if there's a health gauge.

- would suggest adjusting throw curve for ship parts (shoots way up and is a little weird)

- I can't figure out what the numbers next to my character is and what the purple objects I pick up are

- would be nice to be able to jump further (2-3X more?) Jump is currently not too useful and doesn't replace jet pack well when fuel is out.

I still haven't played multiplayer so I'd like to give you more feedback after I try that! ;)

Thanks for the feedback! These are great suggestions we will ad to our list of things to work on. 

Cool, I look forward to the update! ;)


Growing ammo is a neat mechanic. I enjoyed reading about your development process in the dev log!

Thanks! Glad you like it.